Exercise & Diet To Stay Young

What’s The Role Of Exercise And Diet In Staying Young?

Did you know that poor dieting and lack of exercise can make you age faster? Well, you need to start eating healthy and exercising properly to start ageing gracefully. Here’s what you need to know about the best foods and exercises to slow down the ageing process and look and feel younger.

The Best Foods To Help You Stay Young

1. Nuts

This recent study by Harvard University identified that nuts are perfect to prevent aging. They contain omega 3 essential fatty acids and also manage the cholesterol levels in the body. Additionally, they improve the digestive process and also boost your immune system. Keep in mind that nuts are high calorie and high fat foods that don’t cause weight gain. They are filling and often reduce appetite after eating.

2. Berries

Berries contain various compounds that reduce inflammation in the body. Additionally, they prevent any damage from oxidation often caused by aging. Therefore, they are the best foods to slow down the aging process.

3. Healthy Greens

They contain folate, calcium and numerous other nutrients useful for improving bone health and shielding your body against the decline of your mental faculties. Also, they prevent optical problems often associated with aging. If you’re constantly consuming diets full of broccoli or cabbage, you can reduce your risk of getting cancer or experiencing memory loss.

4. Beans

They are the best foods for your heart since they are a good source of low-fat proteins. They also contain a lot of fiber which reduces your cholesterol levels considerably. Beans also contain vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants that promote the overall health and wellness of your body.

5. Whole Grains

They contain useful elements such as vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fiber. These elements reduce the onset of aging and any associated illnesses such as heart disease or cancer. They also have a slow digestion rate thus preventing diabetes, high blood pressure and much more. The best sources of whole grain foods include oatmeal and brown rice.

6. Seafood

Since it is rich in fatty acids, it prevents chronic inflammation, especially fish. Seafood, also contains omega 3 fatty acids thus boosting your mental faculties. Therefore, eating seafood is one of the best ways to keep yourself alert and improve your overall mental health even in old age.

7. Fruits

Fruit contains various acids and minerals that improve your overall health. Whether citrus fruits or avocados, you can always slow down the aging process, thanks to the nutritious elements found present.

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The Best Exercises To Prevent Aging

1. Walking Jogging

Whether you’re preparing yourself for a fun run or taking a jog or stroll in your local part, you can always prevent fast aging. Walking and jogging if you can manage that, is one of the best exercises since it attacks all the muscles in your body. Therefore, you can remain fit and age gracefully at the same time.

2. Aerobic Exercises

Whether you’re signing up for a yoga class or synchronized swimming classes, you’re on the road to reducing your aging progress. Yes, you can always enjoy any other dance exercises such as zumba or pilates for the best results. Keep in mind that you don’t even need to go to the gym to keep fit. You can try these and many more exercises at the comfort of your own home for the best results.

3. Cycling

If you’re looking for a good exercise that involves all your muscle groups, you should consider cycling. You can buy a new bike and try cycling around the block every day or on weekends. Even better, you can always visit the gym and try out the stationary bike for the best results. With time, you can build your adnominal, leg and hand muscles to remain fit and age slower.

4. Swimming

If you have a swimming pool in your home or close to your apartment, you should indulge regularly. Just like cycling, you’re using all your muscles when swimming and it’s a great way to keep fit. Even better, the gracefulness of moving around in the water keeps you feeling fresh.

In conclusion, there are many issues that might force you to age faster such as genetics, lack of exercise and poor dieting. However, with these useful tips, you’re going to be in the best shape for a very long time.